Spotlight on Excellence: A Q&A with Cutera Provider Sara Cheeney

In the realm of aesthetic excellence, we turn our spotlight to one of our distinguished Cutera providers, Sara Cheeney. As a medically trained nurse practitioner and the owner of the award-winning Pure Perfection Clinic, Sara’s journey stands as a testament to the impact of Cutera’s innovative technology.   In this brief Q&A, Sara shares her insights into the transformative results achieved with Cutera’s technology, offering a glimpse into the excellence that defines the Cutera provider experience. Join us as we explore the professional journey and recent successes within our esteemed Cutera community. 

1. Can you tell us about your journey into aesthetic medicine and why you decided to open your Cosmetic Centre?

Sarah Cheeny: At the age of 15, during a challenging period of dealing with psoriasis and the accompanying emotional toll, I found solace in a cosmetic clinic. The transformative experience sparked a passion in me to work in a sector that could positively impact people both physically and psychologically. Inspired by the incredible transformations witnessed on shows like Extreme Makeover, I embarked on a journey that has now spanned 15 years, culminating in the establishment of Pure Perfection Clinic. 

2. What Cutera devices do you use? Why did you choose Cutera over other aesthetic technology brands?

Sarah Cheeny: We utilize Cutera’s Secret Pro and Excel V+ devices. 

After meeting the Cutera team at conferences and experiencing their professionalism, I was further impressed during the Cutera CUCF. The science, technology, and robust support network convinced me that Cutera was the ideal choice for Pure Perfection. The treatment solutions offered by Cutera perfectly aligned with our clinic’s vision. 

3. What type of clinical results are you seeing?

Sarah Cheeny: The results speak volumes. Secret Pro has delivered outstanding results for texture and rejuvenation, while Excel V+ has proven highly effective for vascular and pigmentation concerns. The ability to tailor treatment parameters and superior treatment protocols set Cutera apart. 

4. Can you tell us more about your recent Launch event?

Sarah Cheeny: Our recent Secret Pro launch event was a raving success, with a turnout that exceeded expectations. Priced at £35,000, the event was informal, fostering a collaborative environment where attendees could ask questions and engage. The live demo and patch tests conducted on the day resulted in an impressive 95% of patients returning to purchase a course. 

5. What is your favorite Cutera device?

Sarah Cheeny: The Secret PRO laser stands out as my favourite Cutera device. Its ability to deliver drastic, visible results, along with the flexibility to adjust settings for more aggressive treatments, makes it invaluable. Acne scarring treatments, in particular, have yielded great results. 

6. Would you recommend Cutera to a clinic not already using our technology?

Sarah Cheeny: Absolutely. Cutera offers a diverse range of devices suitable for both start-up clinics, such as the multiplatform xeo, and those looking to specialize with more advanced technology like the Excel V+. The use of industry professionals in teaching and inspiring accelerates career growth, making Cutera a standout choice. 

As we celebrate Sara's achievements, we also celebrate the ethos of continuous innovation and shared success within the Cutera family. As we look to the future, it's clear that the commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving transformative results remains at the core of our community.



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