ONE TEAM: Lisbon 2023

October 5th – 7th, 2022, saw the entire Cutera EU organisation, alongside some of our US-based corporate colleagues and KOLs, gather for our annual team meeting, held in Lisbon, Portugal’s historic and beautiful capital city.

The central theme for the meeting, ‘ONE TEAM’, aimed to task our EU team with investigating how they could work better together ‘as one’, for the joint corporate mission we all share – to continue our rapid growth across Europe and ensure we deliver unrivalled post-purchase-support, at a regional level, to our EU-based customers.

The EU team was pleased to be joined at this year’s meeting by two fantastic doctors and expert users of Cutera devices, Dr. Arash Moradzadeh (USA) and Dr. Tatiana Lapa (UK). Both shared their experiences and clinical knowledge using the truBody and Secret PRO devices and reviewed how these devices have helped elevate their treatment offerings. They also shared their reasoning behind initially deciding to partner with Cutera and their own personal feedback on how Cutera can evolve its overall offering as a device brand.

This was then the basis of how our team then worked toghther to brainstorm and suggest ways in which Cutera could further improve our overall value proposition to all EU aesthetic professionals.

Cutera’s CEO, Dave Mowry, was also in attendance and spent time sharing insight on the global organisation and company vision, together with updating the team on R&D projects and showing the exciting pipeline of new products set to launch in 2023/24.

Dave Mowry

CEO of Cutera

Dr Arash Moradzadeh


Dr Tatiana Lapa


"This meeting is essential for our EU organisation as it allows us time to celebrate together, as one team, the great success we have had over the previous two years. Cutera is growing faster than ever before across the European aesthetic-device sector, so we need to ensure we optimise our value offering. Investing in meetings like this provides the opportunity for our teams to work collaboratively across departments and regions! We were also delighted to be joined by our US colleagues to ensure alignment with our global strategy".
Frederic Joris
General Manager at Cutera