Introducing the Co-op Reimbursement Reward by Cutera

As part of our commitment to enhancing the experience for both practitioners and end-users, Cutera proudly introduces the Co-op Reimbursement Reward, a revolutionary rewards scheme designed to empower our valued customers at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. 

Tailored Rewards for Secret & truBody Users

The Co-op Reimbursement Reward is exclusively available for Secret and truBody users, reflecting our dedication to providing unparalleled support to those who trust and utilize our advanced devices. This programme extends a host of benefits that elevate the user experience beyond conventional rewards.

Marketing and Advertising Support

The standout feature of the Co-op Reimbursement Reward is the provision for marketing and advertising support. Recognizing the importance of visibility and promotion in today’s competitive market, we offer reimbursement for approved co-op marketing initiatives. This includes editorials, articles, blogs, advertisements, paid social media campaigns, and Google ads.

Cash Back Incentives

As a testament to our appreciation for customer loyalty, the Co-op Reimbursement Reward offers cashback of up to £1,000. This substantial cash incentive is a tangible expression of gratitude for our customers’ continued trust and usage of Cutera devices. 

Dollar amounts recognized in GBP (£). Exchange rates apply

VIP Access to Events, Discounts, and Free Tickets

Elevating the rewards experience, Co-op Reimbursement Reward members gain VIP access to exclusive events, enjoy special discounts, and even receive complimentary tickets. This adds an extra layer of exclusivity and excitement to the overall rewards programme. 

How it Works

The most significant benefit of this rewards programme lies in the co-op marketing support provided to high-usage and high-spending accounts. Customers can book advertising and marketing for their devices, get it approved by Cutera, and then receive reimbursement. This innovative approach allows practitioners to enhance their marketing efforts without bearing the full financial burden.  To participate in the Cutera Rewards programme, providers need to purchase Secret Pro tips, Secret RF tips, truSculpt cycles, and/or truFlex cycles within a rewards period.   These periods run quarterly from January 1 – March 31, April 1 – June 30, July 1 – September 30, and October 1 – December 31. Rewards can be redeemed during the next period after achieving status. 

Submitting ads for approval 
Ads or marketing materials need to be submitted for approval to the CuteraRewards team by emailing

Submitting documents for reimbursement 
Once they receive the approval, customers need to email the proof of purchase and the invoice to

How to Access Cutera Rewards

Practices interested in enrolling in the Cutera Rewards Programme can visit New reward statuses are communicated via email in the second week of every reward period. For additional information on the rewards available for each tier, practitioners can click the “Cutera Rewards” button on the MyCutera home page. Any questions or enquiries can be directed to

The Co-op Reimbursement Reward is not just a programme; it’s a commitment to mutual growth and success. Cutera continues to redefine industry standards, ensuring that our providers not only benefit from cutting-edge technology but also receive the recognition and support they deserve.  

Email us

Please email us for further questions or enquiries.

Visit MyCutera today to enroll in the Cutera Rewards Programme.



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