Introducing Dr Amit – Cutera UK’s Newest Advocate for truBody Devices

Cutera are proud to announce that Harley Street-based cosmetic doctor, Dr Amit Sra, has joined the Cutera family as a Key Opinion Leader for the truBody devices. Dr Sra is a renowned expert in aesthetic medical treatments and brings with him over 15 years of experience and expertise in innovating new body-contouring procedures and technologies, which he plans to share with customers who use Cutera’s truBody Devices. Read on to find out more about Dr. Sra’s background and why he chose to partner with Cutera.

There are many reasons why Dr Amit Sra chose to invest in Cutera’s truSculpt and truflex devices. For one, he was impressed by the efficacy of the devices in treating patients with body contouring concerns. In addition, he was also drawn to the fact that the devices are minimally invasive and require little to no downtime, making them ideal for busy patients who want to see results without having to take a lot of time out of their schedule.

“The device is quick and painless. This is a fast, concise smart bit of kit that generates up to 54,000 contractions. This is 30 times the strength capacity of the most popular EMS device on the marketplace targeted to the area that you want.”
Dr Amit Sra

Dr. Sra also appreciated the fact that Cutera offers a wide range of treatment options with its truSculpt and truflex devices. This allows him to tailor treatments to each individual patient’s needs, ensuring that they get the best possible results. Finally, Dr. Sra was impressed by Cutera’s commitment to safety and its extensive clinical research data, which showed that both devices are safe and effective for use in patients of all skin types.

“I already had many of the leading non-surgical body sculpting devices in my practice, but I saw a crucial difference in truBody! The technology and mechanism of action are unique and allow for faster, more targeted and customisable treatments.”
Dr Amit Sra

We are truly excited to have Dr Amit Sra on board as an advocate for Cutera’s revolutionary truBody body contouring devices. With his expertise, we believe that these treatments will be able to help countless people improve their self-image and feel more confident in their own skin. We are looking forward to seeing the amazing results of this collaboration and how it may benefit our customers’ lives!