Introducing the Co-op Reimbursement Reward by Cutera

As part of our commitment to enhancing the experience for both practitioners and end-users, Cutera proudly introduces the Co-op Reimbursement Reward, a revolutionary rewards scheme designed to empower our valued customers at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels.  Tailored Rewards for Secret & truBody Users The Co-op Reimbursement Reward is exclusively available for Secret and […]

Spotlight on Excellence: A Q&A with Cutera Provider Sara Cheeney

In the realm of aesthetic excellence, we turn our spotlight to one of our distinguished Cutera providers, Sara Cheeney. As a medically trained nurse practitioner and the owner of the award-winning Pure Perfection Clinic, Sara’s journey stands as a testament to the impact of Cutera’s innovative technology.   In this brief Q&A, Sara shares her insights […]