An Evening With Cutera: Education. Network. Dining

On the 9th of November, we hosted an exceptional evening at The Ivy Dawson Dublin, bringing together esteemed Irish and UK aesthetic experts for an enriching experience. The event, preceding AM Ireland, provided a unique amalgamation of education and entertainment, set against the sophisticated backdrop of The Ivy.

Guests were treated to engaging discussions led by renowned speakers, including Dr Tatiana Lapa, Dr Laura Lenihan and Laser expert Kevin Williams. The three-course meal served at the prestigious Ivy Dublin not only added a touch of refinement but also facilitated networking and knowledge exchange among professionals.

Dr Tatiana Lapa

Dr Laura Lenihan

Kevin Williams

This exclusive evening was more than just an educational experience; it was a celebration of shared passion and a commitment to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving field of medical aesthetics. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the latest trends in device-led aesthetics and benefit from an exclusive offer available only to those present at the event.

As we anticipate more exciting developments, this event stands as a testament to our dedication to connecting, inspiring, and innovating within the dynamic world of medical aesthetics. 

Stay tuned for more opportunities to enhance your expertise and stay ahead of the curve with us.

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