A New Era for Cutera UK & Ireland

Cutera UK & Ireland Will Bring a New Energy to Aesthetics in 2024

Dear Cutera Partners,

I am delighted to write to you for the first time on our new digital Cutera Connection UK & Ireland newsletter platform! Cuetra Connection is designed to update you with our latest news and developments being implemented to support you as a Cutera treatment provider.

Please take a look through the relevant articles in this issue as we try to cover the most important topics and relevant content for all Cutera providers. We also have special features, such as our new ‘Spotlight in Excellence’ article that features Wrexham-based aesthetic nurse Sara Cheeney – Sara has a fascinating story behind her success, and I would highly recommend a read!

We also welcome two new and highly experienced team members Hannah Finnan and Crystal Silver to the team, who will both play a huge role in  bolstering our sales and post-purchase offering in 2024.

As some of you may know, I was appointed as the new Regional Leader for the Cutera UK and Ireland business in August. Having spent a few months in the role, I have had time to assess our business and evaluate what post-purchase support we deliver to our rapidly growing customer base. I wanted to determine if we have sustained the same level of commitment to customer service made in previous years in more recent times.

My observation is that we remain a clear leader in the UK and Irish aesthetic-device sector, but there are clear opportunities for improvement.

With any rapid business growth, there will sometimes be a deviation from the core vision and ethos that drove the initial success. It’s now time for us to get back to what made us great, and that starts with a steadfast commitment to supporting all our customers.

Change of Post-Purchase Offering

The first significant change, already initiated, is to revert to our Practice Development Manager roles, which had switched to Key Account Managers positions in January of 2023. The PDM role was integral to driving the success of the Cutera brand. It allowed us to stand apart from the competition as we focused on providing tailored post-purchase support to every customer who uses our range of world-leading medical aesthetic devices. Watch this space and expect a call from your local PDM in the coming weeks, if not already!

Many of you attended our recent Cutera University Clinical Forum event in London. This was a real showcase of what Cutera is all about. With over 200+ attendees, I was delighted to receive the feedback I had on the value this event delivered to all customers in attendance, helping educate and inspire them. Please stay posted for more events of this nature in 2024 as we look to prioritise education and advanced user meetings (live and virtual) for all customers to enhance their skills and confidence when using your Cutera device.

Please ensure you have our email in your safe sender’s list on your email provider for visibility on all dates announced:

Launch of New Cutera Rewards Programme

I am also delighted to announce the launch of our Cutera Rewards Program, which is now live and available on This now enables Secret by Cutera and truSculpt/truFlex providers to unlock a variety of rewards and benefits for usage of their Cutera device, but most significantly, to earn co-op marketing dollars (cash reimbursement) for the promotion of their Cutera technology! Please speak to your PDM for more details on this exciting new program.

Your Feedback

To finish, I have provided a link to our annual customer survey. I would really appreciate your feedback on how we can further support your business and where we need to strengthen our value offering.

Our collaboration will make Cutera a stronger partner for you moving forward as we enter a new era for the Cutera business. 2024 is a monumental year for our brand, which is committed to introducing novel new technology to the market while forming true partnerships with all our providers across the UK & Ireland.

Sam Keene
Regional Manager, UK & Ireland



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